Synchronised Sliding double door system
Designed for wooden door
Carriyng capacity is 120 kg per door
Able to use door thickness 20 - 60 mm
Through the closing profile mounted on the rail, hides the mechanism details
Due to high quality ball bearing, system provides silent and durable working function
With the brake system inside the rail, system has soft closing opening and closing way
Minimum door width should be 830 mm
Easy and quick installation
Fixing for the wall surface,system has connection parts
You can follow installation videos of our products on
With the Pvc coated special rope provides , synchronized wheels are not be abraded
Without aluminium bottom track , can be use only plastic guide
Able to adjustment up and down
System has Optional PVC bottom guide
Aesthetic appearance and healthy working system
For the bottom details , system has solution with aluminium profile M50 9160 410

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