Hakpar was established in 2005 in Istanbul/Pendik, Turkey to produce shutters and shutter accessories in a 200 m2 manufacturing workshop. Hakpar, which has developed itself in the field of shutters and blinds as technological, equipment and technical personnel, has also been in the industrial door sector over time. It has gained the structure of a medium-sized company that makes a name for itself. With this rapid acceleration of Hakpar and its vision that guides the sector, the need to gain an institutional structure in a short time arose and as the first step in line with this need, it was successfully deployed in its new facility with a modern manufacturing area of 5000 m2 in Orhanlı Industrial Zone. Redesigning itself in this new and modern facility, Hakpar has brought a modern breath to the traditional manufacturing approach by gaining a brand new face under the brand name of Metflexi. Modernizing habits, Metflexi has undertaken the mission of being one of the pioneers of the sector both at home and abroad without difficulty. Implementing its corporate structure step by step, Hakpar established Metdeviser as of 2017 under the brand of Metflexi, and created an R&D base that can provide project design and production services in all mechanical fields in the country and abroad. Metshaper, which Hakpar established in order to make its production in the field of industrial door accessories more technological with the automation system, is improving its work and production ability in its own field day by day and is rapidly advancing towards becoming Metflexi's locomotive in the production of accessories. Metshutter, which is established as a step to dominate the field, due to the necessity of carrying the unstoppable development of Hakpar in the construction and metal sector to the field; It has adopted the principle of embodying the place of the door in our lives by changing the perception of doors and shutters from beginning to end. Metflexi; As of 2018, has accomplished its domestic mission and continues on its way with firm steps towards becoming a world brand that guides metal all over the world, especially in Europe. We have no time to enjoy what we have accomplished, for we are occupied with our future ones.

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Tuzla/Orhanlı İstanbul, Türkiye
If you can't reach the company please send us an email to iddmib@immib.org.tr

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