Master Adze

-PREMIUM MATERIAL: Constructed of high-quality carbon steel, the woodworking adze axe is strong, sturdy, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant, with excellent strength and hardness. Combining with solid wood handles, they're built to last.
-SAFE AND STABLE: The head of the woodcarving straight adze is hardened and well-integrated to the handle. It's stable and secure, which will never come off while in use. The adze is well balanced and provides good leverage for striking.
-SPECIFICATION: Solid wooden handles are lightweight and sturdy, providing a nice and firm grip.
-MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Our axe with claw hammer has dual head for different use. You can use the adze for scaling bark, shaping and trimming timber. And the claw hammer with the nail hole is great for striking and pulling nails are ideal for gardening application. Also, it can be used as woodworking tool.

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