Top hanger and bottom carrier adjustable sliding wardrobe system
Able to use wooden and aluminium glass frames doors
Maximum carrying capacity is 70 kg per door
Able to use door thickness 16 - 50 mm
System has soft closing opening and closing way within rail brake system feature
Able to use 2 / 3 / 4 door
Doors can be adjusted vertically ± 4 mm
System is working silent and long life working becasue of high quality ball bearings
Easy and quick installation
Upper guides has ball bearing with tpu enjection
Sytems can be assembled by screwing the holes without opening the hole on the cabinet
It can be applied to different panel thicknesses in a single mechanism body.
Albatur Corporate Anthracite offers an aesthetic and stylish appearance thanks to its special paint.
It is suitable for glass or mirror application on the sash depending on the carrying capacity.
It is recommended to apply a Pulltens on the covers to prevent bending over time.
You can follow installation 3D videos of our products on
Optional handle profile solutions are available for different applications.
Due to Adjustable Top mechanism, stock management can be done with a single product from 16 mm panel to 50 mm panel.

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