Top hanger and adjustable sliding wardrobe system
Able to use wooden sliding doors
Maximum carrying capacity is 100 kg per door
Able to use door thickness 16 - 20 mm
With the brake system inside the rail , system has soft closing opening and closing way
Recomended for use with maximum height of 2600 mm
Able to use 2 / 3 / 4 door
Doors can be adjusted vertically ± 4 mm
You can follow installation 3D videos of our products on
System is working silent and long life working becasue of high quality ball bearings
Easy and quick installation
5 different models available for different thicknesses
System has 8 soft closer for bottom and upper rail inside for 2 door
Specially designed handle profiles M50 1400 series can be preferred
Door can not go out from the rail becasue of mechanism has hook system
Able to use soft close right , left and middle for 3 doors application
Bottom sliders guides has ball bearing with tpu enjection
Provides maximum wardrobe depth because of external working style
Sliding System hardware models and soft closing
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