System working from the inside with bottom carrier sliding wardrobe system
Able to use wooden panel
Able to use 2 / 3 / 4 door
Maximum carrying capacity is 45 kg per door
Able to use door thickness 16 - 22 mm
Recomended for use with maximum height of 2600 mm
Doors can be adjusted vertically ± 4 mm
System has soft closing opening and closing way within rail brake system feature
Its is a Oil Soft Closer system model
Lower mechanism is Gama type (male wheel)
You can follow installation 3D videos of our products on www.albaturas.comSystem is working silent and long life working becasue of high quality ball bearings
It is suitable for glass or mirror application on the sash depending on the carrying capacity
It has different rail profile alternatives as well as the choice of recessed lower and upper rail profile
System has aesthetic appearance and safety working system
Easy and quick installation
It provides a high quality user experience thanks to its silent operation and deceleration system
Specially designed handle profiles 150-2800 can be preferred
Should be used base adjustment mechanism for the cabinet to be in balance. Kod:0129
Minimum door width should be 650 mm
Soft Closers are mounted inside the rails
Profiles and mechanism seperately packaging and trasportartion
In case of lot orders, it can be shipped optionally with Setbox Packaging
It seems an aesthetic and stylish appearance thanks to its special anthracite coloured paint
In 3 door application, can be applied soft closers for all doors
Can be mounted by embedding into a wood panel or profile.
Hole dimensions are suitable for mass production
Preferable for office and wardrobe systems
The system consists of internal and external door mechanisms.
The distance between the two door of the system has been designed as 12 mm
It is recommended to use Pulltens system in all sliding systems
3rd door can be requested as optional
Carrier mechanism body is made of sheet metal

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