Multiline 14

Sliding wardrobe system working style from external and with bottom carrier slider
Carrier rail is presented seperately according to 18 mm and 25 mm Mdf frame types
Can be apply to wooden and aluminium glass doors
With seperate rail systematic can be apply many times as desired for single doors
Due to the rail slider locks on the wheel, a safe progres is provided without the cover coming out
Maximum carrying capacity is 30 kg per door
Able to use door thickness 16 - 30 mm
Carrier mechanism body is made of sheet material
Recomended for use with maximum height of 2000 mm
Minimum door size 400 mm recommended
Doors can be adjustable for height ± 4 mm
System has 2 type of soft closer , Plastic soft closer and Metal soft closer
System has soft closing opening and closing direction
Lower mechanism is Gama type (male wheel)
Carrier rails available for double door system and single door system
Profiles and mechanism are shipping in separate packages
In case of lot orders, it can be optionally shipping with Setbox Packaging
System is working silent and long life working becasue of high quality ball bearings

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