Produced for the sound instulation doors
Designed for wooden doors
Assembly inside of the door panel
It prevents the pass of cold and hot air. Provides isolation.
Product is prevent to wind, dust and sound
Due to mechanism door is opening and automatically closing
Easily adjustable without tools , piston etc..
Usable for 0 - 13 mm drop
Shortened up to 20 cm.
Pressure adjustment applicable to mechanism
Suitable for use on uneven floors
Its block to light infiltrate
Its reduces the energy consumption becasue of the gap in the bottom is closed with this product
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Custom sizes, please contact your customer representative.
Usable for wooden and aluminium doors
It prevents the pass of insects.
When the door is opened, there is no mechanism attachment on the floor. It facilitates the passage of disabled individuals.
The hidden application model prevents image pollution.

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