Multiline 2

It is a sliding cabinet system with inner working sub-carrier.
Applicable on wooden covers
Carrying Capacity is 50 Kg for 1 cap
Suitable for use in 16 - 30 mm cover thicknesses
It has a braking feature in the opening and closing direction with its in-rail braking system.
2 / 3 / 4 cover applications can be made
It has a height-adjustable bottom mechanism.
Provides quiet and long-lasting operation thanks to high-quality bearing
Provides easy and practical assembly
Multiline 2 has an integrated mechanism and retarder system in a single body.
Can be preferred for office and cabinet systems
It has different rail profile alternatives as well as the choice of recessed lower and upper rail profile.
It provides a high quality user experience thanks to its silent operation and deceleration system.
You can reach the 3D installation video of the Sliding System at

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