MultiDoor 450 is a teleskopic sliding door system
Suitable for wooden panel doors
Carriyng capacity is 60 kg per door
Dua to to the rope system, the doors work synchronously.
There is a soft closer in the closing direction integrated into the upper mechanism.
Abble to use assembly with 30 - 50 mm wood panel
Each door runs on a separate rail profile
Dua to to additional door set, the number of doors can be increased
System is working silent and long life working becasue of high quality ball bearings
System has plastic stopper
Aesthetic appearance and healthy working system
Easy and quick installation
It hides the mechanism details thanks to the optional closing profile that can be mounted on the rail.
Able to adjustment up and down
Through the closing profile mounted on the rail, hides the mechanism details
Minimum door width should be 810 mm
MultiDoor 450 Carrier has a retarder system integrated into the mechanism.

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