MasterFold 60 Sliding Folding Door System
Designed for wood panel doors
Carrying capacity is 60 kg for each door
Minimum door panel thickness should be 36 mm
Long operating life due to high quality bearings
Aluminium mechanism body
Up to 8 wing numbers can be applied
Possibility of application with or without bottom rail
Height adjustment can be made to the upper mechanism
Can be used to divide different areas such as restaurants, cafes, meeting rooms
You can access the 3D installation assembly video of the Sliding System from
For each door wing, 2 hinges are supplied in the box. Additional hinges are requested as an option
For applications without bottom rail, an optional fixing bush must be used under the starting wing
Upper mechanism connection slots and parts are made of aluminium.
Beta type wheel is used in sliding mechanism.
Movable stopper is used in the upper mechanism body for fixing the centre wings when closed.
Steel hinges are used to connect the wings to each other in the box
You can use the application table to determine the product order quantity.

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