It is a Wardrobe Lift product produced for wardrobes.
Horizontal size can be adjusted according to the width of the wardrobe
The mechanism is available with the feature of slowing down
Manufactured for clothes hangers for wardrobes
It is a stylish equipment for your wardrobe with its aesthetic design
Provides easy access to clothes in high cabinets
Allows more beneficial use of high sections in the cabinet
Suitable for use with hinge system or sliding system cabinets
Up to 10 Kg weight is available to pull back
Mechanism body is made of high strength plastic material
It provides a comfortable use in the closing direction with its decelerating mechanism
Our Wardrobe Lift has a stylish and convenient handle.
It provides safe access to your clothes without the need for stairs or additional elevation.
90 Degree and 110 Degree working angle
Pre-stopping feature has been considered to prevent it from falling due to weight when descending down
As standard, the hanging tube is in the range 60 cm - 115 cm
On request, it is possible to extend the usage range of the system with a diameter of 22 mm suspension pipe up to 160 cm.
Designed for mounting in the centre of the cabinet and on the hinge axle
Has a strong side strut profile
The packaging of the product is specially prepared for shipment alone. Setbox model has durable packaging

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