Ideal solution for any woodwork system

Thanks to pliable pleated veil; pleated fly net can be placed wherever it is desired. It provides decorative look, easy set-up and ease of use.


• Provides ability to move easily with lower threshold.
• Can be moved towards wherever it is desired simply by hand.
• Multiple colour option.
• Hidden setting system.
• The nets used are 100& polyester and water & sun resistant.
• There are wind stoppers on the lower panels.
• It is possible to make it double.

Possible to mount on louvered windows
Closed profile system
Thanks to this system, foreign matters such as dust and dirt are not collected in your profile during opening and closing the window.

Double System
Your Almarde Pleated Fly Net can work up to 3150 mm as standard and up to 6000 mm as double with custom production.

Adjustable Length
Both length and width can be adjusted by cutting and can be worked with stocks.

Spring-free system
It is designed as a system used manually. In this model, spring is not used. Thus it is not only silent but also works for several years.
In this model, spring is not used. Thus it is not only silent but also works for several years.

Our Almarde Pleated Fly Net’s veil system can be changed with spare cartridge if needed. The veil colours are black and grey. The veils are100 % polyester.
The pleated veil has decorative, compact and effaceable characteristics.

Wind stopper
With wind stopper, the net’s getting out of its slot is prevented.

The wind stopper also functions as safety stopper at the same time. Your fly net continuously moves on itself. It is not affected by wind, pushing or pulling and it provides not only ease of use but also ease of safety.

Curtain and Fly Net System
With this system working in two ways, it can be used either as fly net or curtain (sunblind). The veil and the curtain can be changed later.

It is possible to make it double, horizontal or vertical.

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